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Antenatal Wisdom; Bringing Antenatal Teaching Home

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Antenatal Wisdom is an innovative and inspiring approach to working with pregnant and birthing women. A worldwide distance learning course with Amanda Rayment and Dominique Sakoilsky.

Amanda and Dominique share their message of the value, the nourishment, the creativity, the power and the sacredness of honouring and supporting the role of the mother in our communities through their much loved course Antenatal Wisdom.

Antenatal Wisdom course objectives

  • Is to train and support you to discover your own authentic place in our communities as an antenatal teacher and doula.
  • Is to offer a course through a holistic, supportive, communicative and inquiry process. One that includes emotional, physical and spiritual nourishment, nurturing and well being.
  • For the course to offer solid support and expertise to enable you to feel confident and relaxed with working with pregnant and birthing women.
  • Is to nurture and signpost the understanding of the value in nurturing and nourishing ourselves (both the antenatal teacher/doula and the mother) enabling offering and receiving to flow in harmony.

Amanda and Dominique have over 50 years of combined experience within the pregnancy/birthing arena as practitioners, pregnancy and birth educators, course leaders and together share all they have experienced and discovered in the many years of participating in this amazing arena of pregnancy and birth, through their much loved course Antenatal Wisdom.

Antenatal Wisdom Approach

  • Is one of inviting and signposting each of us (both practitioner and pregnant/birthing woman) to our deeper knowing, our true knowing.
  • Is one of signposting each antenatal teacher/doula to offer their services in way that feels authentic to them and heart felt.

This course will absolutely support you in offering your services to pregnant and birthing women in your community.

You will receive 7 modules over a period of 7 months and 7 monthly supportive email communications from Amanda and Dominique related to the particular module.

Each module has inquiry and reflective questions for your own investigation which we encourage you to complete. As well as an in-depth knowledge and expertise shared through Amanda and Dominique (see course outline for module information). With each module there is a monthly home study assignment that needs to be completed if you require the certificate from Antenatal Wisdom.

You will have personal email contact and Skype/telephone time with Amanda and Dominique.

Further Information

How Much Does It Cost and who would benefit?

The cost is £300

It is aimed at postgraduate students who want to have an accredited training specialising in pregnancy and birth which means they can add doula and antenatal teaching to their existing qualification. These postgrad students may be massage therapists, acupuncturists, craniosacral therapists, osteopaths, reflexologists, counsellors, psychotherapists, herbalists, homeopaths, yoga teachers, antenatal teachers, doulas, midwives, doctors, family support workers (you might check with us if unsure).

New opportunity; Antenatal Wisdom now available as a contactless course.

What next?

Please email Amanda and arrange a short telephone conversation with Amanda or Dominique. Or if you wish to try us directly by telephone you are most welcome. Amanda: 07971035562, Dominique: 07969204763. We look forward to hearing from you and supporting you on this amazing journey to work within the pregnancy and birthing arena. Lots of love Amanda and Dominique xx

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