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“and i said to my body softly, I want to be your friend…” N Waheed

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Quality wild-crafted, organic herbal teas, baths and accessories

All teas have been formulated by our herbalist Amanda Rayment. They have been shared and used by thousands of women in Amanda's herbal practice. All herbs are sourced for their freshness, quality and method of growing, either wild crafted or organically farmed. Interested in selling our teas?

Welcome World is a small company offering what we believe to be the best. We also believe you deserve the best! We take every aspect of creating the formulas, hand blending the herbs, posting them off to your home personally. Each packet of tea is offered with gratitude and love.

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Discover the benefits of tea for pregnancy and new mothers

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    Apothecary Teas

    Amanda will formulate 2 herbal teas for you to use at different times over the next month. Each attending to an aspect of the symptoms you are experiencing.

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