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Training to be a doula

The word doula comes from the Greek word “feminine slave.” A doula supports mother and baby (and father/partner) during pregnancy and birth and post partum, physically, emotionally and spiritually in a non-medical way.

A doula is not a clinician but works alongside the medical team and midwife. Some women have a doula support them in birth and some women choose to have only postnatal doula support. Each doula will define for herself what her services offer.

One of the unusual attributes of our course is that it entitles you to become an accredited and trained doula as well as an antenatal teacher, all in one course. Some of our students are clear that they want to work as a doula and are not so interested in running classes. This course will prepare you for being a doula, whether antenatal doula or attending birth and supporting the mother post birth. Amanda and Dominique have over fifty years between them of working in the arena of birth, and many of those years working as a doula, and over fifteen years of training doulas, both within the UK and internationally in Lithuania, Portugal and Brazil.

We see that the tools we need for running classes are not so different from working as a doula, learning to trust oneself and learning to let go of fear and resistance, so we may offer that to our pregnant clients and they may offer that to their baby. The form with which you choose to work will vary and Antenatal Wisdom takes you on a journey, which will enable you to be clear, about exactly what form your doula practice will take. We believe in working from the heart, living from your own wisdom and knowing and being able to offer that trust to the women and families you will work with.

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