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Five positive and healing ways the course Antenatal Wisdom impacts on your work as an Antenatal teacher, Practitioner or Doula

Added 02/12/2015

1.      The hormones of Love:

Can we include ourselves in this wonderful demonstration of a natural and very real expression of love? Oxytocin is such a wonderful symbol of the opportunity to immerse our selves in the flow and harmony of the moment. We use questions offered to our selves with lots of kindness, lots of space and lots of love to discover a trust in our self. This deep trust offers the power of love for our clients and us.

2.      Having ears willing to listen:

To have ears willing to listen to our clients rather than feeling we have to fix the situation can be such a gift and many times can be the best assistance. These may be lovely affirming words to any one who works with others and yet something that sounds so simple may not always be that easy. To discover there is a quiet place within us that we can listen to others from and if words are to be offered they will arise effortlessly.  Antenatal Wisdom supports and affirms a quiet loving existence within everyone.

3.      A bridge to communicate the innate ability of the body as a vehicle to express what you are feeling:

We use the physiology of the body as a bridge to understand; one the workings of the body related to pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Two, how the natural flow of the mechanics of the body can be over ridden by fear.  From this discovery we can choose again. We use the understanding of the physiology of the endocrine and nervous systems as an ally in our medicine bags.

4.      Tools of focus:   

Inquiry and dialogue are our main tools of focus and we cannot sing their praises enough. We use it as a signpost to discover a deeper truth.

Encouragement is offered through inquiry to:

Stay with the dialogue.

Let inquiry be a signpost directing us inward to where all the answers are.

There are many other tools of focus offered in Antenatal Wisdoms medicine bag, which are given the purpose of self-kindness and clarity as to where they are pointing.

5.      Heal thyself; the experience of pregnancy and birth can be an opportunity to dive deeper into Love:

This well known statement is at the heart of Antenatal Wisdom. We believe this statement is directing us to include ourselves as practitioners, antenatal teachers and doulas in the healing process and assistance that we offer to our clients.  

Antenatal Wisdom affirms and supports the spiritual aspects of working with others.

Antenatal Wisdom supports the process of taking responsibility for our thoughts and situations we encounter loosening the chains that bind us.

 We offer encouragement and support of opening to meditation; inner dialogue, prayer, forgiveness and more in whatever way speak to each person.

 By recognizing the amazing healing potential offered to us all through the parent and child relationship.

By working in arena that makes your heart sing we are offered moments of experiencing happiness and joy that remind us of our shared true nature.


Dominique and myself are humbled and thrilled with the blessings and joy we receive through our creation Antenatal Wisdom. We offer it with gratitude. Lots love Amanda xxx



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